(English) How long will it take?


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Invariably whether I am talking with parents or adult clients, the following questions will pop up: How long will therapy take? How many sessions until we are done? These questions are often asked even before we have met in person.

These are completely valid questions, given the time and the financial commitments for private therapy. Parents may also be thinking years ahead, as to how this will impact their child’s ability to function in school and with their peers.

To answer these questions, a minimum of 2 pieces of information are needed:

  • The beginning point. Often called the base line. This refers to the client’s skill level when beginning therapy; what has already been mastered and what still needs to be addressed. Until we know our destination, we cannot talk about how long the process will take. For example, a child who is experiencing difficulty with language comprehension, sentence structure, and writing production will have a longer journey than the child who simply needs some help with their /s/ sound.
  • The rate of progress. Some clients “click” faster than others when receiving targeted therapy. This can be heavily influenced by the frequency of therapy sessions (twice a week, once a week, one a month), and the client’s age. At home, the two most important aspects are practicing consistently (every day) and duration (2 minutes versus 15 minutes).

So how long will therapy take? This is a question that we will answer together. Let’s get started!







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