Is my child ready for Kindergarten?


It is no surprise that children learn best when they are having fun. The brain is stimulated differently by each of the senses, and combining multiple modalities into one amazing activity (like baking chocolate chip cookies) lights up both their faces and their brains.

Young children love to learn through play, and before a parent can blink twice they are already five years old and it is time to cultivate their love of learning by putting them in to the school system. We call this first year Kindergarten.

School places a multitude of demands on kids. It is a system that transforms the open learning process of an infant into the structured application and knowledge expansion of a developing child. And this can be a rough transition time. Knowing this in advance, there are things we can do to prepare our little ones.

Kindergarten is the foundation year for future classroom performance. Just think of some of the advanced language tasks children are exposed to in the classroom setting:

–       Multi-step instructions (“First get your markers, then open your work book to page 3, and write your name on the top line.”)

–       Story Comprehension (such as connecting cause and effect, answering wh-questions, logical plot sequencing, and recalling details)

–       Word and Sentence Structure (using advanced grammar concepts such as irregular verbs and plurals: The children drew in the sand with their feet)

This will be our 4th year running our Kindergarten Readiness Program,  designed to unlock a child’s academic potential while keeping the original key element in mind: children learn best when they are motivated and having fun.

By offering individual attention in a small group setting, each 2-hour session builds a child into an active learner, keeping them motivated and asking for more. We want their Kindergarten to be a great experience from beginning to end!

Do you know a child starting school in September?  Learn if this program is right for the little person in your life, because we want their faces to light up every week day morning.

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