Sorina Grigor is a clinical psychologist, affiliated with the Order of Psychologists of Quebec (OPQ) and who practices in Montreal. After obtaining her master’s degree in psychology at the Free International University of Moldova, she followed graduate training in psychoeducation and psychology at UdeM and UQAM. Ms. Grigor specializes in the treatment of stress, anxiety, mood disorders, including depression, and offers services mainly to young people aged 5 to 18 with mental health problems as well as neurodevelopmental  disorders including ASD and ADHD.

Her main service consists of psychological assessment of children. These assessments allow for the identification of the young person’s strengths and challenges and to develop tailor-made recommendations and intervention plans for her clients. In her practice, she addresses a variety of psychological, emotional, behavioural, and relationship issues in children and adolescents, with a specialization in interpersonal relationships and emotional health.

Referring to different concepts and theoretical perspectives, such as the ecosystem view, the cognitive-behavioural approach from a multicultural perspective, his approach is focused on understanding the situation of relationships, mental health and general well-being. She has extensive experience with immigrant clients and offers services in French, Romanian and Russian to accommodate clients.