Dr. Melissa Simard is doctoral level clinical psychologist with a broad skill set and background working with adults as well as preschoolers, children, teens and their families. She believes that self-understanding, change, and progress flourishes best within an open, collaborative, and safe non-judgmental space. As such, she adopts a client-centered, collaborative, compassionate, and flexible approach using cognitive-behavioural, acceptance and commitment, and mindfulness techniques to individually tailor her therapeutic interventions. Her approach is informed by experience working and training across Canada in a variety of settings including The Hospital for Sick Children, The Montreal Children’s Hospital, Douglas Mental Health University Institute, the Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre, and the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board in the greater Montreal area.

Dr. Simard also has a speciality in conducting comprehensive psychological and psychoeducational assessments from the preschool to late adolescent age range. She is experienced in conducting assessments to identify Intellectual Disability, Learning Disorders, Attention Difficulties, and Emotional/Behavioural disorders in order to provide families with individually tailored recommendations aimed to help their youngsters reach their utmost potential.